• General Questions

    When do I need a lawyer?

    Many people believe they need an attorney’s services only to solve a problem or to get out of a difficult situation. Often‚ the best time to see an attorney is not when you are in legal trouble but before that trouble occurs. Preventive law is one of the most valuable services that a lawyer can perform. By eliminating potential problems, preventive law can save you time‚ money‚ and needless worry.

    Can I handle my own legal problems?

    It is not illegal for you to represent yourself in court or to handle your own legal matters. There are also “kits” and “forms” which some people use for such matters as getting a divorce or making a will. Judges and court personnel are not allowed to give you any legal advice as your case proceeds. Attorneys are trained to provide professional legal assistance to you‚ to be aware of all court procedures‚ filing requirements‚ deadlines‚ and other details that a non-attorney easily could overlook.

    Can I change attorneys?

    You may discharge you attorney simply by informing him/her of your wishes. Giving notice is a matter of courtesy and may be necessary so that if a lawsuit has been filed‚ the attorney may ask for the court for permission to withdraw. Even if you discharge your attorney‚ you are still obligated to pay for any services which have been performed already on your behalf‚ and costs which have been incurred.

  • Personal Injury

    How much is my case worth?

    Each person’s case is different. It requires the assistance of an experienced attorney to determine how much compensation you may be able to receive. When you work with our firm, we can quickly evaluate your situation and determine what damages you may be entitled to recover.

    How long will it take before I am able to receive compensation?

    For each case, the amount of time between the filing of the lawsuit and the completion of the case will vary. It is essential that an attorney represent you to ensure that the case is expedited and you can receive compensation in a timely manner.

    Do I really need an attorney?

    Yes! You should never take legal action without the assistance of an experienced professional. The statute of limitations and various laws regarding personal injury and liability can be difficult to understand. If you have been injured, work with R.A. LAW right away!