Happy to announce – our Client was awarded $210,000.00 (emotional distress/punitive damages), not including the additional $240,000+ of Attorneys’ Fees and Costs from her Employer! Defense Employer offered $ZERO dollars on this case!

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Our Client was wrongfully terminated after she sustained a work related injury, and needed to see a doctor. The day after she provided a doctor’s note, instructing her employer to send her to file a claim for workers’ compensation, she was fired! Our client was the breadwinner of the family and was help paying for her kids to go through college when she  was fired. Ultimately, like anyone in that type of situation, when you’re fired, you are forced to struggle through that hardship. Meanwhile on the other end, the Employer is making millions of dollars and doesn’t care about their employees.

Thus, We sued our client’s employer for: (1) Disability Discrimination; (2) Failure to Accommodate; (3) Failure to Engage in a Good Faith Interactive Process; (4) Failure to Prevent Discrimination; (5) Retaliation; and (6) Wrongful Termination. A Jury from Norwalk, California found my Client’s Employer was liable for every FEHA cause of action and PUNITIVE DAMAGES!

We could not be more HAPPY with the results!

From everyone here at RA LAW LLP, we are pleased to represent and fight for such an honest and good person! Thank you Ms. Cordero!

If you or your family has been a victim of discrimination or treated differently in the workplace, don’t hesitate, contact us at RA LAW LLP.