In 1 Hours and 20 Minutes, a Los Angeles Jury returned an unanimous jury verdict (12-0) in favor of our client back on November 29, 2018 for $1,075,000.00 dollars.  Our firm was published in Jury Verdict Alert and the link is shown below:

Defense and All State Insurance offered $9,330.00 during litigation, and then $100,000 prior to trial. Defense tried to argue during trial that our client was essentially faking his injuries, that he had large gaps in treatment, that he had no invasive surgery or treatments, and ultimately that my client was just a liar. Defense even tried to have 2 different medical experts mislead the jury. The jury did not buy it – and we aggressively pushed for the true human value of this case! 

We could not be more happy with the result, and now our client can get the very best spinal injury medical care and treatment in the future.  Ultimately, we represented a good and honest man, who was just minding his own business before he was rear-ended by someone who was just not paying attention. Thank you Mr. Bravo for allowing us to be YOUR voice.

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